Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SoMeThInG nEw!!

So i decided it would be cool to get a new blogspot one that was for both Cody and I... So I set up a new one so I will be updating that one instead of this one... So my new one is

Saturday, January 31, 2009

WhErE hAs ThE tImE gOnE!!

Wow!! I can't believe how fast January went!! Its crazy it seems like just yesterday was ChRiStMaS!
And it is the last day of January!!! So my life is not very exciting now just working and making wedding plans!!! I don't know if I have told you guys yet but our wedding colors are Fushia Pink and Black!!! I am so excited we are also doing polka dots!! So pretty much it is what my background is!! It seemed like forever until May 16 but as I look at it now it going by kind of fast!! We are looking at a house in Centerfield! It is brand new and I LOVE it! We are seeing if we can get it!! I am so excited we should find out Monday if we can.... I will let you know!! If we do I will have to get pictures!!! As for that my life is the same... Cody and I hang out every possible moment that we can!! I can't wait until we are Married it is going to be so much fun!! Well hope you guys have FANTASTIC weekend!! I will try to update more!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Wow!! I haven't blogged in forever!! Not much has happened in the last couple of weeks.... First of all I decided not to go to school! I decided not to go and work and plan a wedding.... We are doing great on wedding plans... I know exactly what I want!! Just need to get them!!! :) I also got my wedding dress today!! I LOVE it!! No there is no pictures :( I guess you will have to come to my reception and see us!! :) Cause I told Cody he wasn't seeing it until our Wedding Day!!! We will have to see if that happens.... or not... Well, that is all I have to say... Stay tuned in with the Wedding plans and hope you guys have a great week :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

WoW iT's AlReAdY a BrAnD nEw YeAr!!!

Wow!! I can't believe it is already a brand new year!! It's crazy how fast the year 2008 flew!! As I look back on the year 2008 it was the best year ever!! Last May I graduated from North Sevier High School!! I actually can't believe it!! Then July 24th I met Cody and little did I know we would end up getting married later on in life!! August I started my Freshman year of College at Snow College South!! I had tonz of FUN!! Then November 20th Cody and I got engaged!!! Yay!!! As you can tell it has been quit an eventful year but I wouldn't trade it!! It has been the best year of my life!!

So just an update on me... I will be starting my Spring Semester tommorrow January 6. I am kind of excited to be starting school again.... But I think I much rather work and do wedding plans.... But I know after I get my degree in the end it will be TOTALLY worth it!! :) So ya with school starting I won't have much time to update my blog but I will do the best that I can..... So hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

HeRe aRe ThE pIcTuReS!!

So in my last post I promised that I would post pictures of the stuff I got for Christmas and some of Temple Square.. I didn't get many at temple square cause it was so FrEaKiN cold but here they are!

Here is my totally awesome camo purse!! I got it from Cody!! I have

always wanted one but never thought I would get one!

I also got plates and silverware to put in my cedar chest!! I loved the black plates

they are super SwEeT!! Thanks Ash and Chan!! :)

Santa also brought me pots and pans!! Yay!! I am so excited!!

I can't wait until I get to use them! :) I also love the color!

So there are some of the pictures of the many things I got for Christmas!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ChRiStMaS tImE!!!

Wow! I cannot believe Christmas is over already!! It seemed like it would never get here and now it is over!! Well, Santa did make it to my house and boy was I SPOILED this year!! I got a new set of TIRES for my car, i got SILVERWARE, POTS and PANS, a new STRAIGHTNER two new PURSES!!! I loved my purses they are so stinkin CUTE!! The one is plain brown!! I needed it I don't have a plain brown purse! :) The other one is the coolest one!! It is CAMO with RINESTONES on it!! I ABSOUTELY love it! Well, I got to run I will take some pictures of the stuff I got and I am headed to Temple Square right now to see the lights so I will post pictures later!! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

WeEkEnD fUn!!!

So just this last weekend I had to much fun!!! Cody and I decided we would be CrAzY people and go up to Provo to do the last of our Christmas shopping!! Wow!! It was so FrEaKiN cRaZy!!! Poor Cody I drug him all over the mall and we bought like a whole 5 items!! O well, it was so much fun!! We also went to the Olive Garden and ate dinner it was so good!!! We also we shopping at Cabela's and lets say everyone and there dogs were there!! :) On our way back I was takin pictures of us while we were at the red light so here are a couple!!

On our way back home we stoped at Walmart in SpringVille and got two Christmas movies we got the movies "The Elf" and "Christmas Vacation"!! The movies were way funny I LoVeD them!!

So on Friday my mom went to Walmart and found some gingerbread houses that you have to put together. So my mom bought two one for me and one for my little sister! I have always wanted to do one so I have begging my mom for quit sometime to get me one! Well, she finally gave up and bought us one. So we decided to do them on Sunday! Man I had so much fun. Brinley and I were building them and Cody and my mom was watching us!! We had icing EVERYWHERE!!! But here are some pictures of us doing them. I thought they turned out way cute!!!

Here is a picture of Brinley working on hers it turned out way cute!!!

Here we are working on our ginger bread houses! Boy did we have a mess you probably

can tell by the picture!! We barely even started!! :)

Well here is my finally product!! I thought it turned out pretty good

for me doing it!!

I didn't get a picture of Brinley's but hers did turn out way cute!! Thanks mom for the houses I had do much fun!!! Wow, I think this is the longest post I have ever done!! But hopefully I can keep on top of this now!! Hope everyone has a great week and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!